Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Vibrational waves waking,
the fear of being taken
by something unknown.
The mind gets thrown
into a danger zone,
becomes overblown.
When one should relax,
unknowns becoming known.
In it, contact.


Behold blood moons untold!
Laughed before, until one soul goes.
Two in 2014, two more in 2015!
Are we witnessing a end?
Or a new beginning?
All things interesting,
here's to a new year,


The snake controls fate,
so take that bite.
Let your eyes dilate.
Watch your life disintegrate,
for the apple unravels
your last travel,
to the tower of babel.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


What you want me to be.
It will never be,
my hearts free in duality
as it nears a singularity.
Ill search not in a church,
put my trust in the hurt,
fuck the flirts, underskirts
and all that other stuff.
Had enough of it,
ill replenish spirit,
have no limits as I listen
to a distant vision.
Make it my mission
to learn life's lessons.
Words are like ammunition,
just think, its all written.
I have your cognition in it.
Systems losing fission,
entering into collision.
Extinction or our transition.
Its your decision.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Just be

Among these vibrant colors we call our totality.
Can we see beyond 3D?
Maybe through what we call O.B.E.
Astral projection into the next dimension.
Is a shamanistic sense more realistic?
Ill blow your mind with this shit.
Lose myself in it, go ahead be scientific.
Im a mystic, ill resist your socialistic picnics.
Witness these sentences.
Distance yourself from negative narrative.
We're in genesis, feel directionless
as we go through a conscious metamorphosis.
Your emotion determines the planets motion.
Timelines intertwined with our divine spines,
so get on cloud nine.
Take a seat, feel the heat, just breathe into thee.
Release what you see, be thought free.
Just be.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


The warmth of a star sprouts life,
the warmth of our hearts creates art.
In a sense we're all gods.
So stop treating others like dogs,
see the gods that we are, 
lets explore the stars!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Criminals are a symptom of a major problem,
think in terms of a system.
I'll make it known where ever I go,
we're all one.
I have chosen the darkest path of all.
As I withdrawal I take pleasure as a society falls.
In psychosis yes,
the most realist thing ive ever felt.
Anything else would just be lying to myself.
No one will help, until one starts to kill.
I could release this demon
in me as they blast me on TV.
But no, I choose to write
to show you we all have this light.
It lies inside our core,
so let our hearts glow bright.
Our minds fight for whats right
as our heart guides us to the other side.
Call it, paradise.

Monday, December 15, 2014


Economic warfare going supersonic
fuck it, ima watch it all blow!
In a daze as the sky glows bright yellow.
Oh yes, tis the season for all you heathens.
Push that button, you have the reasons.
Governments causing treason!
Fuck your freedoms, you'll be sent to prisons.
Understand this, we're falling into an abyss.
Oil prices are a sign of crisis, ha, I laugh at ISIS.
Just symptoms of a virus!
Sick of it, hit the button, watch it all burn.
By fire! BY FIRE!
All our souls belong below.
Let it be so.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


what i have discovered, personally.
I'm in a system which says,
sex, success, be competitive,
never question your own existence.
once you do you go against it,
begin to message, tell others
it should be better
then before you know it, you get smothered
just like Jesus, and many others.
please, wake up you suckers.
spirit runs through what I represent,
i'll gladly give my life
to prove that im right!
im not violent,
we're all human!
call me crazy!
for this is a message
if i ever meet death,
caused by the system we're in.
the end.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

True shit!

Things are happening quick
Idk if its me or society.
No, im not fucking crazy!
well, maybe...a lil bit.
Just know i have sensed this,
Just wish you've listened.
No, its not an end....
Even when death hits.
Ya, my true shit.

Whats truly right?

Probation in violation of human rights,
Im telling you, this mind will fight.
To show some light in a corrupt society.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Peak Oil

Do you know the theory of peak oil?
Well its very interesting,
talks about the decline of the oil industry.
A rise and fall in the prices of petroleum
This shit is pure gold to them.
They'll let prices dip a bit,
then let it sky rocket.
Watch your wallet.
Better stock up on it.


Oh these insane games we play, 
a blank space with all that bank,
haha no thanks.
For money is the biggest game.
A monopoly, 
no honesty,
no equality,
you're constantly a commodity for the neurology in human psychology, 
AHHH no philosophy!


Are we nothing but pieces in a machine?
In a dream like state doing daily routines?
It seems to be the case, we need to
retrace our place in between time and space.
Release our inner perceptions we're repeating.
Like pistons in a gas engine, over and over
in an constant rotation.
No, there's no mistakin we're in a machine
for the unseen, they embed misdirection.
Yes, full of deceptions, from birth,
our senses infected with these systems.
Inventions, professions, political elections
and yes this connection within the internet.
Mining our minds so they never waste time.
Machines we'll be within this limited reality.
Free energy we are to these entities.
Fear them in our nightmares,
Create motion pictures
for us to see through mirrors.
Awakening to their manipulations,
scream, for they're near causing tensions
This film is about to end existence.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


all they want is attention.
when they don't get it,
they'll cause tension.
im talking about women.
they'll infect you with venom,
think they're a slice of heaven
treat you with the release of seamen.
watch it! they'll get their revenge.
if you pretend to listen to them,
even if we cant comprehend,
thats why we must be gentlemen.
for we're not feminine.

Saturday, December 6, 2014


the day you let someone go
that's when you'll know
its time to grow
move past it
tell yourself it was just the tits
and or the clit,
that slit you put your dick in
to reminisce...
no, i dismiss this, it was just for
the sex, that sweat bliss.
that moment you fall into an abyss..
will become an addict..
ill resist it...for its sin.
repent i must,
all it was, lust.
not love.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


This warmth I feel, it's the only thing that's real.
I am more than just the self.
I am part of a field.
What we feel, what we need,
will become real.
I have stopped since 2008.
This system im in, I resist it!
Even if it'll take me to my grave.
This IS an END to the SYSTEM you're IN.
I'll keep VENTING until the new BEGINNING.
Please don't even pray for me,
I have lost my way in a system so grey.
Either way, you'll see true CHANGE some day.
Not in a president you see today,
Just a salesman in a game they play.


These writings have a become really addicting.
At times, I think I should stop all of this.
But no, I choose to sooth my mood.
Get loose, as I type shit, no matter what it is.
In this, just random shit, off the top.
Letting go now, how do I?...Just POW!
To show "WOW".
I'll snarl and growl, until you bow.
Don't worry though, im more tao.
I let life happen, I only take action
in my passions.
As I sit here relaxin, I'm filled with
satisfaction to the attraction I have for this.
Call me crazy, but words pop into my head,
unseen words for me to speak.
I feel they seek release.
So, even to go uhhmm insane.
What if these words are not from me?
When they appear, my conscious brain
has to look it up to see what they mean.
I'm in aahhh to see they go with the writing.
Yes, I know of the subconscious,
but down to the meaning?
I know one thing,
I'm streaming in this shit.

Past, Present and Future!

Past, present, and future.
Butcher that serpent fast
It'll cast a shadow over your ass
Just relax and move pass the
last bad situation you had.
It'll keep you in a constant repeat,
even as you sleep, so retreat.
Steer away from all the fears.
Stay in moments you hold dear.
Grow old, mold into the zone.
Get stoned, fold into the unknown.
Rejoice in choices you make.
When your voice shakes,
learn from those mistakes.
Ah hell, just bake a cake!
Let your feelings wash away.
Sway to the music, get use to it.
Refute it, you'll loose it,
Be your resolution.
Or to the mental institution.
Don't let situations get out of hand.
Picture a new land,
a new man you'll stand.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


don't preach to me
im only here to breath
until my final release of air


I've always thought...
Where did the term alien come from?
Our minds?
Just influenced by them from another dimension?
Was it them?
On a mission to get our attention?
Were they the angels and demons in our religions?
This makes me question, especially around 3am.
To know you're not alone in the whole cosmos.
Some would grow, some would lie low.
All the flaws to these laws, no more.
For all our minds would blow.
The impact to that fact.
Would we attack them?
For the fear to be in their digestive tract?
No, they would show us better systems to run.
Assist us in our wisdom within this existence.
Why should we show resistance?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bloody Christmas

Im going negative here,
so just beware on what
you're about to hear. For
im about to release my inner
demon. Go ahead, tell me
to repent for the sins im
about to envision. For
im filled with resentment,
Tired of all this fake shit.
Can't take much more
of it, for im about to rip
out all of your hearts,
hang them up and play
some fucking darts.
That'll make my day.
Fuck you, I call it art!
Hey, maybe pull some of
the intestine out,
wrap them in between
the Christmas tree.
That'll be one holiday.
Now you've seen the
dark that's within me.

Just a Ride

Lifes just a ride,
dont hide what you are.
Be the light that lies
within, you're more
than skin, commit to this shit.
Forget the external, think
internal. Beyond the morals,
no rules to control you.
Beyond the world view.
Find that light inside, nothing
can misguide you through
the ride life takes you on.
Be strong, enough to write
lyrics in song. Draw a
comic book, be a crook,
do wrong. Hey, fuck
it, cause harm. Set off
alarms, steal cars. Heal all,
through therapy of medicine.
Even prayer from our sins,
a priest you could be.
For we'll all be deceased.
We're not here long.
So just keep riding on.


I don't know what this is
but i do hope to be a whiz
as i analyze words to rhyme.
I'm one to have the time
to entertain the stains
through these veins.
Even when the rain begins.
I was sent here
for you to repent
the sins you have within.
Resent this you must,
for in it, a fuss with no trust.
Readjust your values
for you're just a shadow,
all though you should be
a ghost for no one to see.
aahhh, ill just name this....

Monday, December 1, 2014


Fuck, have you ever heard the term,
drunk as a skunk?
Well, this is me now.
fuck you all.
Five shots vodka,
about seven gin.
Charlie Sheen
would agree with
me. For he's on a level,
from all the cocaine to
the unseen.
Ima out,
no sound in the dream
i see.


This sad madness, Ive fucking had it.
Just need to relax for a bit.
This shit affects all of you,
To speak from truth
I feel like im being used
or for money.
In all honesty,
I take heed in all my greed.
I fight the darkness that's inside of me.
My soul see's, it seeks release.
The main cause for my obese.
Some say I may be suicidal,
no im fucking maniacal!
In a unstable life cycle
that's about survival.
I'll write my thoughts
for this is my way out.
Emotion like poison,
For I have just spoken.
Broken, no jokin
But in this,