Thursday, October 30, 2014


When the thought of war sores
Rifles will go full bore
Bullets across your core
You hit the floor
In all detail and gore 
Intestine on the door
Rib cage fractured
Wishing just captured
As your vision blackens
Toward the next chapter


Evolve, problems become solved.
Correction of direction in this corruption.
Justice is a must, don't fuss amongst the dust.
More finance in science.
NASA will blast ya into space likes its a race.
LHC will see true realities starting with string theory.
No black holes you tin foil hats, fucking quacks.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Rich bitches with their huge fences.
Their Ferrari's and hard bodies.
Watches of gold to the dicks they blow.
Hoes that trick pimps into paying their rent.
They event shit up just so you can repent.
Devils they are with their emotional scars.

All of it.
Doesn't matter.
Cause the poor live off their taxes.
Until it all fucking collapses.
Look at our past, it relapses.


"You got the music in you, don't you."
As the summertime fades
I lay here listening to Lana Del Rey
Thinking about love and all that goo goo gah gah stuff.
Love is bluffs, cuffs, and if you must, muffins that women put into ovens.
Love, is emotion, like the movement of the ocean.
Love, from sadness to that brightness.
Love, we express this best even in lust with full of mistrust.
Love, birth of you and this earth.
Yes, God is Love too.
Its all true.

Monday, October 27, 2014


I must confess, its for the best.
Im depressed, its not about death.
Its this mess i see called duality.
The cause of right and wrong.
This may go beyond belief.
At least Ill get some relief.
We ride on our pride and yet I cannot confide.
I die inside I do hope you realize.
Stop your sorrows, cause I'ill live like there's no tomorrow.
Money, its so funny, SELL SELL SELL!
We're all going to HELL HELL HELL!
Profit on the WAR!
Treat them all like a WHORE!
Frivolous this is, its all a big MESS!
Depressed I am in this formality.
In this, a causality.

Lemonade or Destiny

So a friend of mine said I should write more.
All I have here is myself and my lemonade.
I got to admit this is better than Gatorade or kool aid.
Just blows me away the thought of aid.
Maybe I should start a business and call it lemon of aid.
No, I should just fade away into this game we call destiny.
Don't blame me, blame bungiee.
They ruined so many from halo to destiny.
Yes I very well be on the verge of insanity.
No, I'll purge and merge into thy lemon of aid AS I PLAY THY DESTINY!


Saturday, October 25, 2014


The realities ive been in go beyond the fantasies
To feel what ive felt, like being kicked below the belt
To see what ive seen, like being in an endless dream
To hear what ive heard, like being at a concert until it hurts, how about kurts
To smell what ive smelt, like being in a room who just delt
Yes this world has gone to shit, it puts me into fits
its a state of wit as i write these crits
Dont be a prick and get all uptick, id have to slap you with my ....
Have I expressed these realities, shall I attest in further detail in totality
it goes beyond your morality of duality
I could write scripture on the realities that got me misshaped and all bent
So I vent.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tragic Truth

The tragic truth is further from what mother earth has birthed. Like walking reverse in a universe that's bound to divert. Hell and the heavens are just our illusions, we need revolutions of the mind to see. This world isn't free, its energy.

Monday, October 20, 2014

"Red Red Wine"

Train the brain in the rain to stop your pain. In your mind you'll find the signs to make you rewind from time. Be free from memory and you'll see endless realities. Illusions it could very well be. These realities intertwine like "red red wine". Then you'll find you've become the dream you've always seemed to seen.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Drones on Phones

We're drones on these phones, like a dog to a bone, this tone may put you in a dismay. Yes you should pray, for me. Cause im on this "Razors Edge" with a pledge. To be knowledgeable in the struggle, it'll make me adaptable. All we are is about survival. It's true, do you have any clue? Anywho, I like doing these, to me its the bees knees. If you want, call me Crazy!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Free free free

Fame? Just a game, it tames the flame. That fire of desire. What we really are, its GOD. Its no joke, im here to live and fly, free from what we call greed. This so crazy to me I hardly believe. Ive always thought I should write and become a fright. But no be free free free.

The Unknown

I don't know what this is, but as I sit here burning dvd's I get a distinct feeling something has grew. Its the feeling of a coming flu but not so blue. This comes so much easier than before, its like a breeze. I truly believe there is so much to our consciousness then what we think it actually is.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Never To Late

Its never to late to throw away your hate,
Don't hesitate, cause fate can retaliate.
Be aware, try not to fear, fucking create.
Hmm, can some flow in this state?
Yes, cause all we are is time,
So release the mind and rhyme.
Careful on what you find,
It may turn into a crime.
Crazy is where ill always be
in this "craziness" im free.


I think of the life you shared.
I ask myself if all of this is fair.
The stories people share,
from the Minnesota years, 
to those bartending flares.
The memories I have,
from King Street to El Camino,
to the days you hoped to get rich in the casino.
As well as those Thursday bingo's.
Your life had its ups and downs,
from the joy, to those sad frowns.
Your hopes to have a family together,
the hope for it to last forever.
So I bid you farewell.
I tell myself its fair,
the life you shared,
will always be remembered.
Because we're all still here,
I know you're in a place of no fear.
Love, Little Tony