Thursday, December 4, 2014


These writings have a become really addicting.
At times, I think I should stop all of this.
But no, I choose to sooth my mood.
Get loose, as I type shit, no matter what it is.
In this, just random shit, off the top.
Letting go now, how do I?...Just POW!
To show "WOW".
I'll snarl and growl, until you bow.
Don't worry though, im more tao.
I let life happen, I only take action
in my passions.
As I sit here relaxin, I'm filled with
satisfaction to the attraction I have for this.
Call me crazy, but words pop into my head,
unseen words for me to speak.
I feel they seek release.
So, even to go uhhmm insane.
What if these words are not from me?
When they appear, my conscious brain
has to look it up to see what they mean.
I'm in aahhh to see they go with the writing.
Yes, I know of the subconscious,
but down to the meaning?
I know one thing,
I'm streaming in this shit.

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