Thursday, December 4, 2014

Past, Present and Future!

Past, present, and future.
Butcher that serpent fast
It'll cast a shadow over your ass
Just relax and move pass the
last bad situation you had.
It'll keep you in a constant repeat,
even as you sleep, so retreat.
Steer away from all the fears.
Stay in moments you hold dear.
Grow old, mold into the zone.
Get stoned, fold into the unknown.
Rejoice in choices you make.
When your voice shakes,
learn from those mistakes.
Ah hell, just bake a cake!
Let your feelings wash away.
Sway to the music, get use to it.
Refute it, you'll loose it,
Be your resolution.
Or to the mental institution.
Don't let situations get out of hand.
Picture a new land,
a new man you'll stand.

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