Monday, December 8, 2014


Are we nothing but pieces in a machine?
In a dream like state doing daily routines?
It seems to be the case, we need to
retrace our place in between time and space.
Release our inner perceptions we're repeating.
Like pistons in a gas engine, over and over
in an constant rotation.
No, there's no mistakin we're in a machine
for the unseen, they embed misdirection.
Yes, full of deceptions, from birth,
our senses infected with these systems.
Inventions, professions, political elections
and yes this connection within the internet.
Mining our minds so they never waste time.
Machines we'll be within this limited reality.
Free energy we are to these entities.
Fear them in our nightmares,
Create motion pictures
for us to see through mirrors.
Awakening to their manipulations,
scream, for they're near causing tensions
This film is about to end existence.

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