Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Never Alter

From the moment the message came through.
In all honesty,
I should of knew, you're not true.
You're not someone I can grow old with,
not something I can mold into.
You make men create their own insanity.
Oh I do hope you enjoy their profanity.
Just know that you are that "whore"
Just another fuck, nothing more.
Yeah, im filled with hate.
Thoughts of you puts me into pragmatic states.
As one fades you taste another sucker.
Spoil him make him supper.
Just be sure to use a rubber.
Through all the clutter one starts to wonder.
Words spoken from a youngster.
To remind, you're just a hunger.
A monster that makes men falter.
My soul, you'll never alter.

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