Thursday, November 13, 2014


Most people avoid it, the thought of death
When we're laid to rest, it'll mess with your head
So many unknowns when the body turns to just bone
Does our thought carry on long after we're gone
Do we belong to a place where there's no wrong
Does our thought just stop as we fade into nothing
When there is no day or night
No rays of light, no sight from the eyes
No tears from once you cried
No fears from those nightmares
Most imagine a wall that is just black
A prison where the thoughts just stack
Imagine even color, no green from a dollar
Not even graduation colors of a scholar
To think of death will take you farther
Even wiser before we all departure
So think as we're here for just a blink
Its the link between the dead and the living
Dreaming in an endless stream of things
Grow some wings never just cling
Queens and Kings

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