Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What about the future?

The future can be very speculative, try to have an opened mind. Ive always thought about the future more so now. Ever since the recession of the global markets (2008-present), the wars in the middle east (thats expanding), to our ever changing weather. So I have to ask myself what would the generation now do to secure the next?

If you take a look on whats going on around the world, I know, most of you probably are too ashamed to look or you're just simply ignoring it. Its understandable I can hardly look myself. But sometimes if you want to see change you're gonna have to do it yourself. This “change” won't happen in a president either, he's just a salesman for the people. I know, im rambling, lets get into the speculative future we've talked before. Say if we decided not to change and keep going the way we are now. First of all, there will be another world war, some may call it the last war or simply put a resource war. A war that is fought over for oil, a resource that has been predicted to peak at the dawn of the millennium. Iran is well known for its oil reserves, so, I assume its the United States best interest to overthrow the country by any means necessary.

November 6th 2012 election night, Mitt Romney just barely wins by 5% of the votes. Skip forward a week or two, escalations of Iran's nuclear program has only increased with the several tests of their ICBM's. Mitt Romney with the United Nations form a joint effort with allies that are surrounding Iran and decide to overthrow and “free” the nation.

That could very will be our future (month or years from now, who knows?) if we don't put our foot down ahead of time. We need to see positive changes that inspire us to do even better (like Curiosity). We need to see more demand in alternate energies that are out there already. Solar, electric, magnetic, and environmental energies are available to people of all alike. Its this “to big to fail” type of bullshit mentality we need to get rid of. Im tried of seeing petroleum corporations going to poverty stricken countries that are enriched with minerals only to contaminate the environment even more so.

Hurts to say this but this is the ugly truth that we together have to face. Only by facing the problem we'll over come it. Not only do we need a overhaul in new energy systems, but most of all we need a overhaul in politics. We need engineers to redesign this slightly unorganized planetary culture. What I said here is just the tip of the iceberg. By all means don't stop here go out and find the solutions to the problems we face as a whole. Through equality of mankind we can finally call ourselves civilized. Go, go an secure our future.

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